Difficulty: Experienced
Race 205 Queenstown

A strong autumn westerly flow predominates New Zealand's Southern Alpine Range.

No thermals have a chance to form, moderately strong ridge soaring conditions avail.

Launching from Queenstown's grass airstrip, your start awaits you at the top of the ridge immediately behind and above you.

Strong ridge climbs quickly getting you to altitude for the start - Max 10,000 feet.

From there the first turn is on the lakes edge - Max 10,0000 feet, to then head north for a carefully planned summit of Climax Peak, with v
Glider model: AS AS-33me
Glider model: DG 808S
1. SDMagoo 01:08:16 180.2km/h
2. The 1L2P 01:09:36 176.7km/h
3. Swatius 01:09:40 176.5km/h
Glider model: SH Discus-2b
1. Jarosław 01:32:36 132.8km/h
2. EniSy 01:35:01 129.5km/h
3. OH-MIX 01:42:26 120.1km/h